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Hyperamp HA1510 REV MK II Seydel

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The Hyperamp HA1510 REV MK II combines
today's technology with vintage design in an
amplifier that surpasses the rest.

The Hyperamp sounds warm and punchy at
the same time - it is a handwired Harmonica
Tube Amplifier with built-in vintage (tube)
reverb - made in Germany.

The Mark II (second version) was designed based
on real feedback from Hyperamp MKI users (the
detailed operation manual can be found in the
1) The Gain + Volume controles now allow you
to produce the beloved warm and beefy Chicago
sound at lower volumes – low or high-impedance
microphones can be used with adjustment
capability that allows you to control the "crunch".

2) The new AUX-IN input on the front panel can
be connected to any mp3-player or other audio
source. You can play along with your favorite
tracks without the need for additional equipment
(cable not provided).

3) A built-in stand/pedestal at the bottom-front
can be used to tilt the amp: Tilting the amp helps
the player hear his or her sound better and
improves overall sound projection.

4) The built-in spring reverb is tube-driven as well
resulting in an authentic vintage style reverb for
the authentic Chicago Blues sound.

5) Line-Out or additional external speaker?
Both are possible – the new Hyperamp MK II
can be used on any stage no matter how
small or large it is.

6) Combined INPUT: Guitar jack or XLR: All kinds
of mirophones (high- or low-impedance) can be
connected to the Hyperamp!
Many amps originally are built for electric guitar
or bass - but the Hyperamp is is designed from
the ground up specifically for the needs of the
harps player!

That is why the special harmonica sound is created,
that once helped the too faint sounding harmonica
to become "the mother of the band" (Otis Spann,
piano player of the Muddy Waters Band).

This impressive sound thrills players as well as the
audience this very day and many players are looking
for their sound.  It follows all nuances which are
produced by the player's harp and microphone and
therefore is the ideal elongation of the "sound chain".

The Hyperamp HA1510 REV MK II is a hand-wired
classA-amplifier and produces15 (Tube-) watts.

It is equipped with a specialyl designed 10'' Jensen
"Alnico" speaker. An external speaker can be plugged
in offering adaptability to play in jam sessions, or on
small, medium, and large stages.

With its combined input (high-ohmic: 6.3mm socket
or low ohmic: XLR) nearly any microphone can be
used - the three-band tone control effectivily
optimizes the sound.

Due to its adaptability to all types of microphones,
the AUX-input, and the built-in tube-driven spring
reverb the Hyperamp  HA 1510 REV MK II is an
universal geniusnatural  choice for
the harmonica player.
16 745,- kr
Stock status: Not available

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