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Blues 1847 Classic / Collector Set

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The first serial-produced Richter-diatonic
harmonica with stainless steel reeds!

• Full and loud, overtone-rich sound and
  extremely fast tone-response due to
  stainless steel reeds

•  Very long durability and even with heavy
   duty playing - stainless steel reeds and
   stainless steel rivets

• Less air-loss due to fine-cut reedplates -
  optimized flatness and extremely small
  tolerances between reed and reedplate

• Beard- and lip-friendly - coverplates with
  rounded edges without any cuts at the
  mouthpiece and ergonomic built
  hole-openings and rounded dividers

• The overtone-rich sound can spread out
  undampened - covers made of extra strong
  stainless steel sheet (0.4mm), opened wide
  at the back and crimped and therefore a good
  stability and rounded edges

• moisture-proof, swelling-free maple-comb,
  sealed with multiple layers of food-safe finish

The Collectors Case is made
of solid Wenge wood.

The respective harmonica is precisely fitting
into a padded cavitation of the Collectors
Case - ideal for presentation and protection
of your beloved instruments!

Made in Germany

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