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SU-21 Humming

Storlek: 16.4 x 3.1 x 2.3 cm / 138 gram

High Tech Harp Makes Old World Sound

The new Suzuki Humming, Deluxe
Tremolo Harmonica is a superb example
of state of the art technology that
produces a beautiful old world sound.

Tremolo harmonicas are diatonic models
constructed with double holes, each
containing two reeds tuned to the
same note.

Each reed is tuned slightly higher than
the other and when played together,
this slight difference in tuning creates
a beautiful vibrato or tremolo sound.

"C" positions are marked on the comb
for easy reference during performances.

Many different kinds of gospel and old
world music sound wonderful using
tremolo style harmonicas.

This one just makes them sound that
much better.

Comes with carrying case.
750,- kr
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